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Texting for Recruiting: Making Sense in a Cell Phone Communications World

If you are a recruiter then you know that getting in touch with the prospective employee or applicant is paramount to your business. You are also aware that most resumes and social media include a cell phone number for direct contact. Cell phones and text messages are becoming more desirable as a contact point since most owners keep their phone within arms reach.

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According to Pew Internet Research Project 92% of the population is using cell phones with 57% using it for their internet portal rather than a PC. Another fact is that social media, such as Linkedin offer an effective way to search for candidates on specific career requirements. A recent article in RecruitingTrends illustrates how much the texting media has expanded to reach even hard to contact candidates. This is the new leading edge of communication for recruitment and competitive recruiters are catching the wave.

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Texting for recruiting offers flexibility in recruiting campaigns as well as essential data to track the effectiveness and responses from the candidates. Keeping a recruiting campaign out in front of the candidates increases the results, and that increases your business. 

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  • Continue to use standard CSV software for convenient uploading to the account.
  • Receive metrics to track the responses and gather pertinent data.
  • Widen access to desirable candidates with SMS speed.
  • Begin to build a relationship with the candidate immediately.

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If you are ready to take your recruiting efforts to the next level come to a leader in the field of SMS cutting edge recruiting tools. TextRecruit is ready to assist you. Please contact us for more information. 


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