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3 Texting Fundamentals for Recruiters

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Texting Candidates 101

Hey all you happy texters out there. I hope you are having a great week, and your bracket didn't get too busted by those scrappy UConn Huskies! We've been having conversations with many of you and wanted to make sure we were providing you some education on how to text candidates. We have seen upwards of 60% response rates coming from our clients that are following these few rules.

1. Personalize - use the TextRecruit variables in the message which can personalize each text to the candidate with their first or last name.

2. Add a legit job link - adding a job link will increase the number of responses and will allow you to direct the candidate to start the application process.

3. Sign the message - an easy "Erik w/ TextRecruit" will do, we see a direct impact on the unsubscribe rate for those clients signing messages.

And please remember, TextRecruit is a platform that helps with compliance and engagement, it is not a platform to message anyone from a purchased list.

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