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Retail Recruiting: Mobile Makes It Big In 2015, And How You Can Use It

One might have reasonably assumed that retail recruiting via mobile devices would have taken off already. It could have started as early as the 2007-2009 period when the iPhone was first introduced to the world. However, considering the economic downturn that occurred during those years, it is easy to understand why employers were not hiring. Mobile recruiting would have to wait for another day.

The Changing Economic Landscape

The economy is not the same as it was during the recession to say the least. Rather than seeing the terrifying headlines of jobs being lost by the millions, we are seeing jobs being added in record numbers. This means that recruiting efforts are once again in full swing.

Retail stores have been some of the early adopters of mobile recruiting techniques. These stores see the benefit in appealing to a demographic of society that is responsive to mobile recruiting. As a matter of fact, according to information from careerbuilder.com, most smartphone owners in general are pretty obsessed with that technology,

We are in a period in our history where people are obsessed with their mobile devices. A recent Deloitte survey revealed that 90 percent of people check their mobile device within one hour of waking up, 50 percent of people check their phones 25 times per day and 10 percent of us do it 100+ times per day.

No one checks their mailbox that often or their e-mail account, but we are all constantly staring at our smartphones. With that kind of attention going to that one piece of technology, companies would be remiss if they did not recruit with it.

Make The Application Process Simple

Job applicants want as simple of an application process as possible. The fewer hurdles they have to jump over, the better. The application design is critical to its success. One or two clicks are all that some are willing to go through in order to see results.

Post All Job Offerings And Be Flexible

Mobile job seekers need flexibility. They may have unconventional schedules and family obligations that they have to work around. Offering as many job opportunities as possible is the best way to find candidates.

A variety of scheduling options should be available in order to find the right people. Not everyone can work certain shifts, but there are some good candidates to fill all of the available positions.

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