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Retail Recruiting: Finding Talent Through Text Messages

retail recruiting There are many job seekers who use their mobile devices for jobs and who prefer to be contacted by SMS about job openings

When you are in the market for a new job, it seems the competition is always at its highest. When you are in the retail business and you are trying to help someone get a job, it can also be a pretty rough road. Since it can get a bit rough, it is important that you try to take those extra steps to find potential candidates to fill those open positions.

There are various retail recruiting methods that can be used to help your business grow. One of the methods that many companies are exploring is recruiting through text messaging. Text messaging has a significant amount of benefits as a recruiting tool, including being able to grab the attention of candidates instantly.

When you become a text recruiter, when would be a good time to send text messages to potential candidates? 

  • When you have job openings
  • When there are urgent job opening positions, such as temporary positions that need to be filled immediately
  • When you wish to contact the potential candidate about scheduling an interview
  • When you want to confirm an interview or remind the candidate about the interview date

There are large percentages of job seekers who use their mobile devices for jobs and those who prefer to be contacted by SMS about job openings. Unfortunately, there are also large percentages of recruiters who are not aware of the opportunities they are missing. This means there is a huge portion in their respected market that is not being filled because they are not exploring the newer recruiting methods.

For many people, finding a new job is one of the toughest battles they face every day. When you can show potential candidates that your business will do everything it can to help them find available positions, this will make them feel more encouraged about their chances.

Your business can even have a SMS auto-responder. This auto-responder will allow candidates to text a number, and in response they will receive a link that will take them to available positions. When you use this method, you should respond as soon as you can.

If you want potential candidates to know your business is serious about finding the best talent, contact us today for additional information about retail recruiting methods.

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