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Retail Recruiting: Coming To A Phone Near You

Just when you thought that there was nothing left that you couldn't do on your smartphone, jobs started to enter the picture. Retail recruiting is venturing into the mobile space as we speak, and it looks to ramp up efforts in the next few years.

The Age Of Mobile Job Recruiting

Mobile job recruiting is something that experts called for beginning some time ago. However, it always felt like it was something a few years down the road. No longer is this the case. The retailers have jumped into the practice in large part because it plays well to their hand.

Retailers are likely to hire individuals who express openness to receiving job offers via their mobile device. They look for unskilled and young labor that virtually always has a smartphone in hand. It is a natural fit to work on mobile recruiting tactics to fill retail jobs.

Seasonal Positions Become Easier To Fill

Retailers virtually always have at least some seasonal positions they need to fill. The holiday season in particular is busy for these stores. They require extra workers to process all of the business coming through their doors. It is quick and easy to send out mobile recruiting messages to attempt to fill those temporary jobs.

Hiring someone for such a short period of time is time-consuming when done through conventional means. Text recruiting eases the process and frequently lowers the cost as a result. It is no wonder retailers are clamoring for a piece of the mobile recruiting pie.

Using Mobile As The First Step

Those considering using retail recruiting via mobile devices must remember that this is only the first step. As blogging4jobs.com reminds us, job skills are best determined in a person to person meeting,

Many retail jobs do not have a huge list of qualifications. Ultimately customer service skills are the top qualification, and this is something that is best assessed in person.

Essentially, mobile device recruiting brings candidates in the door, and formal interviews finishes out the process. It is the latest in job recruitment, and it will likely have an even larger impact going forward. Contact us for the latest information about mobile recruiting in the retail space and the role it plays.

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