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Recruiting Teams Need to Adapt



In her latest Blogging4Jobs post Jessica Miller-Merrell argues that “as more candidates view career sites, connect with potential employers and use their mobile device as their primary personal computer, recruiting teams have to adapt or die, and by die, I mean be prepared to potentially lose these great candidates to competitors who have adapted ahead of them.”

In response many recruiters have begun texting candidates using their personal cell phones which can be legally problematic for companies and extremely confusing on a large scale. Ask yourself why top recruiters would text candidates from their personal phones? The answer is obvious: texting has become the fastest way to professionally reach someone. It is the new normal and frankly it works.

So why are companies so reluctant to allow their employees to engage candidates through text? A popular answer would be that there is no way to know what information is being communicated and if the recruiter was to leave they would essentially be leaving with all of that information.  TextRecruit was built for just that reason.  

TextRecruit is a two way centralized texting platform build for recruiting. We designed this platform to allow recruiters to communicate back and forth with their candidates that same level of engagement while allowing companies to not only manage and oversee that information but pull reporting based upon such communication.

Jessica goes on to write that  “Recruiters miss opportunities for candidate conversion when they don’t make the hiring process mobile and easy.”

Short codes placed around college campuses or corporate campuses promoting new positions are making it easy for candidates to express interest and for companies to capture job seeker information. The reactive model simply can no longer be the norm for HR teams.  TextRecruit is committed to helping recruiting teams adapt to mobile.  
To read the entire post by Jessica Miller-Merrell click here.

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