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Recruiting in Today's Communication Trends


Staffing and recruiting is a continuous effort for many companies, often against strong competition with similar or local companies. Nowadays, recruiting is more than just posting an ad and hoping for the best candidates to come through the door but rather it’s about communication. Technology and communication have become synonymous with each other in the recruiting process with applications sent electronically, communications through email and phone, and scheduling done through apps on phones. With all the technological methods used by individuals each day, recruiters have to employ new methods and tools to reach candidates quickly and effectively.

Advancement in communication norms

Text messaging is often a topic of debate in regards to whether it is appropriate for some situations, professional communication being one of them. Advancements in technology and changes in acceptable societal norms have redefined the way candidates look for employment positions as well as the way in which they communicate with potential employers. In return, recruiters are finding text messaging as a growing acceptable means of communication with candidates. Anywhere you go today, at any given time, you will see a handful of individuals using their phones in one way or another. Text messaging to candidates will result in quicker responses rather than waiting for them to read their emails and respond.

Just a few advantages of text messaging in recruiting

  • Emails are often read but left for a response to at a later date while text messaging allows for quick, short responses.
  • The recruitment process keeps moving forward in a timely manner.
  • It allows the candidate to know where they stand in their application process.
  • It provides easy tracking of communications with each candidate.

TextRecruit provides a system for recruiters to effectively communicate with candidates through text message, not just in communication but also as a means of updating candidates of their status in the hiring and interviewing process. The program assists recruiters in managing communications and keeping an organized set up for each candidate. Ready to reach the best candidates quickly and effectively? Contact us to learn more and sign up.


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