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Recruiting For Trucking Jobs: There's An App For That

Truckers may have one of the most under appreciated jobs in the country. The work that they do ensures that the rest of us can have our foods, medicine, and a variety of other wants and needs at our local stores. Thus, the job of truck driver is an essential one. However, there is currently a shortage of truck drivers, and that gives plenty of reason to consider the methods used in recruiting for trucking jobs.

Truck Drivers Love The Mobile Web

Obviously, being on the road often is a necessary part of a truck driver's job. This means that for the vast majority of truck drivers, the only access they have to the Internet is through the mobile web. Imomentus.com gives a plausible reason truck drivers like the mobile web so much,

Mobile devices are seemingly perfect for the job, which requires long trips over lonely and far-flung routes. They allow truckers to keep in touch with their family and friends, navigate and coordinate logistics for deliveries and loading, and pass the hours.

Since drivers are on their mobile phones so often anyway, it makes sense to use those same devices for job recruitment purposes.

The Independent Truck Driver

A fact that many do not realize is how many truck drivers work on a freelance basis. There are some who work directly for one company for their entire career, but their numbers are dwindling. These days, many truck drivers simply move from job to job based on need.

Mobile apps are now available for those free-spirited truck drivers looking for work. These apps highlight new jobs for drivers and help companies better recruit new drivers. Even better, truck drivers can opt into texting programs that allow them to receive text alerts when a new job opens up. This provides for an even faster means of communicating the information to available drivers.

This field is ripe for recruiting via mobile devices, and more companies than ever are doing it. Contact us for the latest new and information about recruiting in trucking jobs.

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