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New TextRecruit Article: Why Texting is the Recruiting Method of the Future

new TextRecruit article TextRecruit's partnership with Beyond.com reflects how today's candidates communicate.

If you've been emailing candidates left and right, and yet you're struggling to fill a position in your company, perhaps your recruitment method is to blame.

As a new TextRecruit Article shows, response rates for email recruitment have traditionally been very low, and chances are they'll only get worse.

Why? Because young people today are more drawn to texting than email.

That's why TextRecruit has partnered with Beyond.com to develop a recruitment process that better reflects how today's workers communicate.

By adding text message recruiting to a traditional framework, you increase you chances of getting a coveted prospect's attention - and of getting your position filled.

That's just one of the advantages of the new partnership, however. A few others include:

  • Not having to worry if your message got bounced or sent to an unread spam folder
  • Standing out from other companies that use more traditional recruitment methods
  • Giving your company a modern feel, which is attractive to younger candidates
  • Texts are easier to notice, read, and respond to

Texting is a dominant form of communication for the younger generation, and any company that doesn't recognize that - and adjust their practices to reflect it - risks getting left behind.

If you want to recruit top young talent, you need to make sure that you're getting through to them. Boost your response rates by taking advantage of their natural tendencies to read and respond to texts.

To learn how to boost response rates for your business, contact us today and see how we can get you in touch with the hottest young talent on the market today.

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