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Leveraging mobile trends for recruiters

Mobile communications via text messaging are more effective at response rates. Computer applications are better able to manage communications with multiple clients. TextRecruit leverages the trend toward mobile communications together with the effectiveness of list management to provide a platform for recruiters to do what they do best and reach candidates in the way most likely to receive immediate attention and response.

People read text messages more rapidly than they do email. They also are more likely to respond to a text message for three reasons: A short message is more quickly understood, the text message is

mobile trends Texting technology for recruiting is simple to use, but must have complex back-office capabilities.

already open on their device, reader response can be as short and direct as the incoming text message. This combination of immediacy and simplicity translates to increased responsiveness for recruiters and candidate selection for employers. Recruiting by text is a win-win-win situation.

While text messaging is simple enough to increase candidate responsiveness, recruiters will be managing a large database of job-seekers and candidates. So while the outgoing text leverages simplicity, the back end system for recruiters needs sophisticated data management. This is where TextRecruit steps into the picture. The TextRecruit system is compatible with standard data formats like CSV and provides an online dashboard and messaging interface for recruiters. This combination lets recruiters upload candidate data for their recruiting campaigns quickly and manage candidate responses professionally.

And now TextRecruit has taken this mobile trend to the next level. Job-seekers who are registered for text message communications with Beyond.com have already indicated that they are potential job-seekers. Recruiters can call on this list of available candidates, further increasing the efficiency of recruiting campaigns.

For more information on where TextRecruit can take your mobile campaign, please contact us.

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