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Keep Your Candidates Organized By Using TextRecruit Groups

PRQVLFBST1Recruiters are often asked to hire for multiple positions at the same time. It can be tricky to keep your candidates organized when managing multiple campaigns from a single TextRecruit account. That's why in the latest TextRecruit update, we added an easier way to keep track of candidates called "Groups." 

Instead of having to mentally track which candidates are being considered for which position, you can now put them in groups when adding candidates or updating existing candidates.

1. Create a spreadsheet with the candidates you are adding to TextRecruit. Include basic fields such: First Name, Last Name, Phone and Job Title. Then add the TextRecruit Groups you want to create as additional columns. In the screenshot below the new groups being created are City, Zip Code, Job Function, Employee Type and Seniority.


2. Now you are ready to upload your Excel spreadsheet. First click "Candidates" on the left-hand sidebar. Second, click "Add" on the top right corner, which should bring you to a screen that looks like the screenshot below. Third, click "Select" on the file upload.




3. You should now select the fields for the import. First Name, Last Name, Phone and Job Title should be aligned with the matching values. The groups you want to create such as City, Zip Code, Job Function, Employee Type and Seniority should be imported as "Groups" (see the screenshot below). Then click the green button at the bottom to start the import.


4. Now all your candidates have been put into groups. Whenever you want to search for candidates in a particular group (let's use Registered Nurses in this example), just click on "Candidates" on the left-hand sidebar. Enter your group term where the red arrow is pointing in the screenshot below. Then click the green filter button and all the candidates in the Registered Nurses group will appear.


5. If you ever want to add an existing candidate to a group, first click on that candidate's name. Then in the lower right-hand corner (see the screenshot below) you can add that candidate to groups or delete them from groups.


If you have any questions or concerns about using TextRecruit Groups leave a comment below or reach out to your customer success team member. Click here for more posts on new TextRecruit features.


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