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How Texting Can Help Colleges Recruit Talent

1YE1LLNXGBIn my high school days I used to carry my phone everywhere, and if I ever did get caught texting in class it usually meant two things: 1.spending the rest of the afternoon without my lifeline to the world; and 2. public ridicule from the professor. Today, college and university admissions have the opportunity to transform the mobile device from an academic evil into an effective recruiting tool. Here’s how.

College admissions is a seasonal war for talent unlike any other, and recruiters look at all options to differentiate their engagement strategy. According to a new survey from Royall and Co., mobile optimization is the number one opportunity to improve the prospective student experience. 86% of rising high school juniors and seniors said they would like to be text messaged by universities about deadlines relating to their applications, and 82% would like to have answers to their questions answered by text.

These results are hardly surprising. Applying to universities is both time-consuming and time-sensitive, and the ability to receive information quickly offers unique value. But this is just the beginning of how mobile recruiting could change prospective student engagement.

80% of surveyed students reported they would like to receive text messages to confirm receipt of application materials, 77% would like to receive updates about an upcoming event they have registered for, and 71% want financial aid documentation to be confirmed via text. There is no shortage of ways prospective student communication could be improved with text messaging.

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