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3 Steps Aging Companies Should Take to Recruit More Millennials

photo-1415125721330-116ba2f81152The construction industry is aging according to a new article by Bloomberg Business, and a labor shortage is expected unless builders can engage millennials more effectively.

“The old days of hiring someone and sticking them on the job site and saying, ‘Go learn construction,’ that’s gone,” said Mike Lancaster, President of Frank L. Blum Construction. “We have to show new talent that we will develop you, appreciate you, and engage you.” Frankly I could not agree more - but making major cultural changes in companies with older workforces is not always so simple. 

Here are 3 steps aging companies should take to recruit more millennials.

Build Relationships Before Posting the Job

Staying in touch with candidates and nurturing your talent pipeline is a great way to build strong relationships with millennials so can make a great hire when the right position opens up. Mobile recruiting has been shown to be especially effective for recruiting younger employees when it comes to staying connected whether through company updates or just casual check-ins. Millennials spend more time communicating via text message than email, social networks or phone calls, and almost twice as much time as older generations, so a short text can go a long ways in terms of engagement.

Create Opportunities to Advance Faster

Millennials value the ability to move up through the ranks. Industries like construction, which have a cultural tendency to value seniority need to restructure their incentives packages to be more performance based. Upward mobility is not only valuable for recruiting a younger workforce, but also attracting the most talented and skilled millennials.

Encourage Entrepreneurship

Your millennial employees will not stick around in the same position forever. To keep them your company should offer opportunities to learn new skills and test out different roles. Even better offer competitions in which employees can propose new business ideas, and award the winner a nominal budget. Promoting entrepreneurship within your business will not only attract millennials to your company, it will help you retain them.

Aging companies looking to attract more young employees will need to constantly reevaluate the way they attract and engage candidates, but it’s a worthy investment to protect themselves from labor shortages and generate new ideas. To learn more about mobile recruiting and engaging millennials download our free Mobile Recruiting 2.0 eBook.

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