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3 Reasons NCAA Coaches Need to Step Up Their ‘Text Messaging’ Game

E0452629C5When people think of college recruiting strategies they love to imagine the wild parties, lavish dinners and flowing champagne portrayed in the movies. In reality, recruiting high school student-athletes is business-like with an emphasis on relationships, branding, and compliance.

With the NCAA announcing that college football recruiters can now text message student-athletes, here are three reasons that all college programs will need to step up their game with text messaging to achieve these goals.

Building Relationships with Players

Text messaging is effective when dealing with all types of talent. With many different communication options available including email, phone call, and social media; text messaging has a major advantage for three key reasons:

  1. It delivers unparalleled response and open rates (TextRecruit’s business customers experience high response rates and 99% open rates).
  2. It generates incredibly fast responses from candidates, which can be the difference between a  (30% of TextRecruit messages are responded to in under five minutes)
  3. It’s allowed by the NCAA throughout the recruiting calendar (No need to worry about Quiet and Dead periods).
  4. It builds an informal and comfortable relationship between the recruiter and student-athlete.

Watch the video below to see how TextRecruit can help your team recruit talent more effectively with text messaging.

  Strengthening Your Program's Brand

The brand of an athletics program is a major factor in the student-athlete decision-making process. College recruiters need to make sure that their program is seen in the highest regard, and that starts with clear and consistent messaging from that recruiting team. This can be a struggle with text messaging when it is handled independently from each recruiter’s phone.

Text messaging software like TextRecruit offers a centralized platform where every member of your recruiting team can view an athlete's messaging history. This will help team members avoid sending duplicative messages or inconsistent information.

Ensuring Compliance with NCAA Rules and Regulations

EB939B3311Text messaging can contribute to your recruiting team’s compliance because it’s allowed by the NCAA in both Quiet and Dead periods. Still there are the internal codes in each athletic program that might require additional oversight. Text messaging software like TextRecruit can give your organization’s leadership the ability to track messaging and ensure other compliance measures are met.

TextRecruit can also help your program stay compliant with CAN-SPAM rules and regulations. If any of your prospects ever type “Stop”, “Unsubscribe”, or any other negative keyword they are automatically opted-out from receiving future messages from your account. This feature will ensure no member of your recruiting team sends a message to a prospect that opted out from receiving messages.

Text messaging gives NCAA recruiters an unparalleled opportunity to grow their brand, build strong relationships and ensure compliance, while recruiting top student-athlete talent. Request a demo of TextRecruit to see if our text messaging platform can help your team recruit more talent.

You can also sign up for a free 15-day trial and try TextRecruit for yourself by clicking here.

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