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Mobile Devise Usage Facts That Will Blow You Away

Marketers who do not realize the power of mobile marketing at this point are lagging behind. Newly released mobile devise usage facts may bring about more understanding. Lets start with the most disturbing fact on the list.

Three Quarters Of Americans Bring Their Phone To The Bathroom

The bathroom was once a sanctuary from the outside world. No longer is this the case. Now, even the bathroom is a place of tweeting and e-mails. This is just how addicted we have all become to our smartphones.

While this reality is disturbing on a personal level, it must sound like music to the ears of marketers. It means that Americans are already so attached to their phones that they will hardly leave them for even a minute. It provides ample reason to advertise on these devices.

Consumers Are Using Their Phones To Shop

Americans overwhelmingly use their phones to shop for great deals. Smartphones are not just devices of social interaction but of utility as well. Part of that shopping occurs through online stores such as Ebay and Amazon, but comparison shopping is another popular smartphone activity. Why pay more at one store when lower prices are readily available at another?

Some businesses are experimenting with offering in-store deals to smartphone users. Also, applications exist which allow users to scan their phone rather than a credit card to pay at certain retailers.

Nearly 80% Of Retailers Plan To Invest In Mobile

Last but not least remember that almost 80% of retailers intend to invest in mobile marketing. This figure comes from convinceandconvert.com which also notes that more people worldwide own smartphones than own toothbrushes!

There is a rush to snatch as many mobile shoppers as possible now. Markets have to stop and ask themselves if they have done enough to position themselves as part of this crowd.

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