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3 Big Reasons Recruiters Should Be Texting


Consumers are spending more time on their phones that ever and are demanding better mobile engagement from companies as a result according to a new report from SAP and Loudhouse. Recruiting, sourcing and HR teams stand to benefit by taking their engagement strategy mobile.

Respondents to the survey were also vocal about the need for more text message communications versus simply turning to mobile apps. 64% of consumers said businesses should use text messaging more often to engage them while 65% reported that managing apps can be difficult and takes effort.

Millennials were noted in the study for spending more time on their mobile devices than any demographic, with 37% checking their phone at least once every 10 minutes.

Overall the survey revealed that texting and ease of communication with companies is valued by consumers with 70% saying that text messaging improved their perception of businesses.

We thought that this new report gave recruiters three big reasons to start texting their candidates. And who doesn't love infographics right?

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