Introducing TextTalent: Find and Text New Candidates Instantly

Introducing TextTalent: Find and Text New Candidates Instantly

As recruiters, we know the right person for the job isn't always already in your talent database. That's why we are thrilled to announce TextTalent, a new way to quickly search, screen, and schedule time with candidates from the best third party networks. 

What is TextTalent?  

When you add candidates to a TextRecruit campaign, you'll now have the option to select candidates from one of our talent partners. The button will take you to a new window where you'll be able to search for candidates by job title, location, and industry.

You'll be able to complete three types of searches here: narrow, moderate, and broad. A narrow search will only search the candidates job title, a moderate search will search job title and resume, and a broad search will search job title, resume, and any titles of interest to the candidate.  


Once you have found and selected your candidates, you will be able to add them to your TextRecruit campaign using credits which can be purchased by contacting your TextRecruit account manager. 
In order to protect the candidates data, you will only be able to view their contact information if they respond to your campaign. 

TextTalent is a great way to quickly find and communicate with candidates outside your talent database. By quickly finding and texting talent, you'll be on your way to recruiting better people faster. 

If you are already a TextRecruit customer, Request TextTalent Credits Here. Otherwise, to learn more about how you can use TextTalent with TextRecruit book a demo below.  

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