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Introducing The New TextRecruit Candidate And Employee Engagement Platform

Introducing The New Textrecruit Candidate And Employee Engagement Platform

Since we started TextRecruit we’ve had one focus - to make engaging applicants, candidates, and employees simpler. And it’s worked so far. HR teams of all sizes rely on TextRecruit today to attract job seekers, recruit talent and engage employees.

While all of our customers don’t hire at the same scale, or interview in quite the same style, they all want to empower their recruiters to communicate more efficiently. TextRecruit should be where that communication happens, which is why we have painstakingly designed a new platform to deploy the power of text message, live chat and artificial intelligence throughout your entire hiring funnel.

Introducing the new TextRecruit, an all-in-one candidate and employee engagement platform. Here’s what’s new:



JobChat: A Live Chat Tool For Your Careers Site And Job Boards

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JobChat increases your applicant volume, job advertisement clicks, and career site conversions by deploying a live chat agent on your job postings, careers site and job boards that allows job seekers to chat directly with your recruiting team.

JobChat can be installed in under two minutes and requires just a few lines of code on your website. We make it easy for you to manage all of your communications from a single place.


TextApply: Attract Applicants Anytime With Text Message Short Codes

With TextApply you can turn any piece of employer branding collateral into a job advertisement with a custom text message shortcode. Place your TextApply short code on flyers, billboards, and t-shirts. Place it anywhere you’d like.

TextApply gives job seekers the option of applying over text message and increases engagement. You’ll screen, schedule, interview, and hire faster than ever before. As always, TextApply messages appear in TextRecruit. If someone has engaged with you on JobChat before, you’ll see that too. Our new threading feature collects all communication history with candidates so you always have context at your fingertips. More on that later.

TextRecruit: Manage All Candidate Conversations Over Text and Live Chat In One Place.

TextRecruit is your bread and butter for candidate and employee engagement. Inside TextRecruit you’ll create and send text message campaigns to candidates in your ATS.

You can view analytics inside TextRecruit, track open rates, and view reply rates. You’ll schedule text message sequences, engage TextApply respondents, and encourage JobChat respondents to complete applications.

TextHR: Onboard And Retain Employees By Reaching Them With Text Message

TextHR keeps your candidates engaged as they transition to new hires, and increases the likelihood that they’ll retain as employees. Use TextHR to send text message communications to ensure compliance, benefits, and open enrollment. You’ll increase training attendance, help new hires finish documentation, and get to work fast.

TextHR messages appear in TextRecruit so you can manage internal HR communications with employees through a single interface and keep candidate experiences consistent.

Ari: Scale Engagement Across Text And Live Chat With AI Automation


TextRecruit gives you multiple options for introducing artificial intelligence into your hiring funnel. You can deploy Ari in JobChat and engage job advertisement and career site visitors. Ari can automate up to 80% of your early stage recruiting communications leaving you free to build better relationships with qualified candidates.

Ari is a fully customizable chatbot, designed to interact specifically with your candidates. You can manage, track and take over Ari conversations in TextRecruit at any time.

TextRecruit Mobile App: Manage Campaigns & Engage On-The-Go

With the new TextRecruit mobile app you have access to your hiring funnel wherever you go. TextRecruit gives you a new phone number specifically for engaging candidates and all messages display in the mobile app inbox. Using the TextRecruit mobile app keeps your personal phone clutter free and available for family and friends.

You’ll also view campaign performance, track open and reply rates. Respond to AI initiated conversations on your mobile phone. You can also manage JobChat conversations with job seekers through the app.

Engage on the go in style, our brand new mobile app comes with a crisp updated UI. You’ll be up and running in minutes. We’ve added intuitive onboarding and design to get you engaging on the go fast.

Download the TextRecruit Mobile App here: Available on the app store.

Advanced Features 

After gathering feedback from over 300 customers across a dozen industries, we included two more updates to the platform release which will help your recruiters hire more effectively.


We’ve added threading to all communications on the mobile app, TextRecruit, TextApply, JobChat, TextHR, and Ari. You’ll be able to see the entire engagement context every single candidate has had in your funnel.


You can now group users into teams, restrict visibility, and maintain a clean operating space. With teams, you’ll coordinate roles more effectively and better analyze performance. Teams are available on both desktop and mobile.

Ready to explore the benefits of TextRecruit? Hop on a demo with our team. Get a tour of our candidate and employee engagement platform, learn best practices, and come away with actionable insights you can use to improve your hiring performance right away. 

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