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How to Attract Talent with Hyper-Personalization

Hyperpersonalization the fastest way to attract passive candidates

Sourcing candidates in a passive candidate market, like the one we have today, is a massive challenge at every step. It’s hard to establish that first contact, it’s even more difficult to create opportunities for real relationship building by setting up interviews, and when the time comes to present an offer letter - your offer is up against dozens of others.

At every step of the way you have to make a difficult decision: will you choose to invest more time, effort, and energy into making this a quality interaction? Or will you instead opt to go for volume and place as little effort into each interaction as possible hoping that in the end the law of probabilities will fill your hiring funnel? 

The decision is not an easy one, and as with most things in life the true path you’ll walk is likely found somewhere in the middle.

Now, recent research from Sourcecon arrives to shed light on the fastest way to full hiring funnels, calendars booked with interviews, and organizations staffed with engaged productive employees.

Data shows that 80% of candidates choose one job offer over another because of personal relationships they form during the hiring process.

Ah, so you may be thinking - the choice is clear. I’ll invest a great deal of energy, time and effort into making each interaction as high quality as possible. But the truth of the matter is not so, after all you have hiring quotas to meet, positions have been open for weeks now, and your organization needed you to make hires yesterday.

With hyper-personalization, you don’t have to choose between candidate experience and candidate volume.

Hyperpersonalization is a revolutionary new engagement technique that recruiters are using to:

  • Engage with highly personalized, unique communications at scale 
  • Calibrate communications  with candidate psychographic state
  • Execute sophisticated sequences and send perfectly timed outreach campaigns

Join sourcing powerhouses Ashley Core Senior Manager Tech Recruiting at Salesforce and Steve Levy Strategic Sourcing at Lockheed Martin in a free advanced webinar where they’ll show you how to use hyper-personalization to develop a robust passive candidate pipeline.


Candidate Outreach & Hyper-Personalization For Sourcers 1 (1).png


  • Never struggling to get passive candidates into your top of funnel again
  • Having a clear plan to follow that helps you attract talent
  • Always having a list of engaged candidates to draw from to fill positions
  • Knowing a repeatable, scaleable process to fill your pipeline again and again with highly targeted, interested, and engaged candidates

We can’t guarantee that they’ll be doing this webinar again, so this may be your only chance to learn strategic sourcing methods and hyper-personalization from Ashley and Steve.  

The webinar begins on the dot at 2PM EST on September 7th, 2017.

Click here to save your seat. 

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