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How Will Google For Jobs Impact Recruiters? 

How Will Google For Jobs Impact Recruiters?

If you've been sleeping under a rock, or more likely buried under a mountain of candidates to qualify...you might have missed a huge announcement last week from Google. An announcement which could make a massive impact on your recruiting funnel. 

Whether the impact is going to be beneficial to you or not depends on your answer to one question. Are you ready to adapt to this new development? Last week Google announced the release of Google For JobsNow, candidates can search for jobs directly from Google.com 


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What Does This Mean For Recruiters? 


If you're not involved in marketing like I am, you may not be aware of how "Google works". Google deploys a bot called a web crawler. This bot crawls all over the internet. It finds new web pages and indexes them in Google's search engine. What does "indexes" mean? 

Here's how indexing works. Google's bot visits your page. The bot determines what your page is about and decides whether it has useful information. Then, the bot decides how much it "likes" your page. Pages that the bot "likes" more show up higher up in search results. Now that Google is going to be crawling your Job Ads - you're going to want to make sure their bot "likes" your pages. 


Why You Should Care About Your Google Jobs Performance:


If you can write job ads that Google's bot likes more than your competitors job ads...you'll rank higher. Here's a fun fact about Google Search rankings. The first result on a search page receives 33% of all traffic. The first page on a search receives 92% of all traffic.  
These numbers will likely show some carryover into Google For Jobs. Think about what getting 33% of all searches for your job keywords could do for your recruiting funnel. While we don't have Google For Jobs specific data yet, I can tell you that 3 billion searches are made on Google every day.  
How Google For Jobs Will Impact Recruiters

How Google Jobs Will Impact Your Recruiting Funnel:


There's a huge opportunity for recruiters here. Since Google Jobs is a new channel, the first recruiting organizations to learn how to exploit it will see the biggest immediate returns. Your recruiting funnel has 3 stages: attract, recruit, and engage.  Google exists in your attract stage. 
Optimizing your job postings will get you more impressions, clicks, and applicants.  You don't even have to pay anything to optimize your posts for Google For Jobs. That means your ROI for is always positiveSo you could say, unless Google Jobs is a total disaster (oh ye of little faith)...optimizing your posts is a no loss situation. 

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