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How to Stay Professional When Using Text Messaging to Recruit

How to Stay Professional When Using Text Messaging to Recruit

Text messaging is quickly becoming synonymous with the recruiting process. It is steadily rendering traditional forms of communication obsolete with added simplicity, broader reach, and faster time-to-hire. With this shift comes inevitable complexities from both the recruiter and candidate perspective.

Since Ray Tomlinson gifted us email in 1971, it has been an integral part of the workplace along with its unique form of etiquette. We’ve all been taught how to set the tone with the subject line, address the email to our boss versus our friend, and end in a polite and succinct manner. We know to avoid exclamation points to maintain formality and include them to lighten the tone. How many of these nuances apply to mobile? Texting is inherently a more casual form of communication that prioritizes speed and convenience over proper grammar and sentence structure.

The truth is texting in the workplace really isn’t that different. It is important to keep in mind that messages should be shorter, and spelling and grammar should still be a priority. This is especially true for a recruiting role, which act as the gatekeeper for the organization. Any typos or errors in a recruiter’s text messages can create a sloppy and unprofessional image for the entire company.

Abbreviations should also be avoided. While this habit is very ingrained in how we tend to communicate with our friends, it can have an adverse effect in the tone you are attempting to convey to your applicants.

The final thing to remember is to not give big news over text. This comes off as passive and impersonal. Instead, use text messaging to compliment the news. Tell your candidate you have something exciting to tell them and would love a few minutes to chat over phone. This can go a long way to supplement your message.

Text messaging presence in the workplace and recruiting is only going to become more prevalent. It allows for faster and more efficient communication that makes life easier for everyone. However, it is crucial to maintain professionalism and avoid the pitfalls of texting that are very present in our social lives. With that said, a few exclamation points and emojis never hurt anyone. 😎


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