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How to Speed up Your Hiring Process with Text Messaging and Chat

How to Speed up Your Hiring Process with Text and Chat

Time-to-hire has nearly doubled in the past seven years while the candidate pool has continued to shrink. This means that companies are chasing down candidates for open positions, as opposed to the other way around. If you are a recruiter, this presents a clear and delicate challenge. You want to take the time to guarantee that your candidate is a good fit for your organization, but you don’t want to lose them to the competition because you took too long. How can you be swift AND thorough? Recruiters have been attempting to tackle this problem for some time. It turns out that switching to text messaging and utilizing chat allows for the perfect balance between increasing speed of communication and maintaining the necessary thoroughness to adequately screen candidates.

TextRecruit has teamed up with Recruiter.com to give you the guide to speeding up communication and the hiring process with text and chat. With our eBook, you can expect to learn about how the hiring process has evolved over the past few years, and how that is affecting recruiters today. More importantly, you can learn why text messaging and live chat can give you the competitive edge to quickly bring the right talent to your organization. Finally, you can see examples as to how this new method of recruiting works in real life.

Navigating the hiring landscape is a difficult task for any recruiter from any organization. More leverage has been shifting to candidates with low unemployment in the job market and a vast amount of companies seeking to bring in the right talent. Needless to say, any advantage over the competition can go a long way. Check out our new eBook to see how you can get that advantage.


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