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How to Source Using Recruiting Chatbots

How to Source Using Recruitment Bots
The premise of sourcing is familiar to recruiters, instead of waiting for candidates to apply go out and get them instead. Now, recruiting chatbots present new faster ways of engaging sourced candidate lists. And when you deploy recruiting chatbots through a candidate engagement platform - you can engage, screen, and schedule with less than 30 minutes of work a day. 

The days of uploading candidate lists into your ATS and CRM and spending a full working day leaving voicemails are long gone. Most candidates are unable or unwilling to answer the phone while already at work. The fact is, with the advent of mobile devices, text messaging has become the communication method of choice. 

Yet, even when using text message to communicate with candidates recruiters face challenges. Mobile applications, instant messaging platforms for work, and a myriad of entertainment options compete for candidate attention. In the face of increasing notifications and clutter, response speed is the only way recruiters can hope to hold attention. 

Recruiting chatbots deliver high speed communications at scale producing a richer experience for candidates and a more profitable time to hire for the HR function. Since candidate engagement platforms integrate with most industry leading ATS, using recruiting chatbots through engagement platforms is a viable tactic for any sized recruiting organization. 

Engaging sourced candidates with bots can be broken up into 3 seperate actions. Secure attention, screen interested candidates, and schedule appointments. Detractors who argue against chatbot usage in recruiting stating "Chatbots dehumanize the recruiting process" fail to account for the speed with which chatbots are able to engage. The faster recruiters can take a sourced candiate to a phone screen call, the better and more human that candidates experience becomes. 

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Configure your recruitment bot to send the following messages. Our example uses an imaginary medical staffing firm dubbed "Medical Recruiting Corp." But these techniques are universally applicable to any industry and position. From high salaried executives to grocery store stockboys all candidates are united under a cohesive desire for faster recruiting communications. 

Inform the Candidate About New Positions: 

"Hi *FirstName*, I have an open position for a wound nurse that I think you'd be a perfect fit for. Reply "Yes" for more information". 

Initial opening text messages like this one get over 37% response rates with more than 50% of responses arriving in 15 minutes or less. When engaging a large list with speed, recruitment bot support becomes critical to maintaining a high quality recruiting function. 

Screen Interested Candidates: 

Secure the services of your candidate engagement platform provider to create conditional logic for your bot and screen in candidates that are qualified for your position. Here are 2 example general screening questions that are ideal for bot usage. 

"Thanks *FirstName* the position is with Merrit Medical Center and has a salary range of 50K to 60K. Reply "Yes" if this is in your range." 

"Great *FirstName* the position is located in Santa Teresa, CA. Reply "Yes' if you're able to work in Santa Teresa, CA." 

Other areas your bot can screen for include: degree requirements, certifications, and requisite years of experience. 

Schedule Video Interviews: 


You may also use phone interviews. Yet, organizations committed to candidate experience excellence deploy video interviews to create a more high touch recruiting process. In any case, use the following message in conjunction with an automated scheduling tool like calend.ly. 

"Awesome *FirstName* our recruiter Anna would like to schedule a video interview. Click here to book your time < calend.ly link>" 

For those who are unfamiliar with calendar automation tools calend.ly makes your scheduling simple by reducing back and forth communications for scheduling. Candidates will book time on your calendar with a single button click. 

Decrease Time to Hire Improve Candidate Experience: 

The entire process I've shared can take as little as 30 minutes. In the time period it would take you to make 5 to 10 calls to candidates you can engage a list of several hundred sourced candidates, and fill your appointment calendar. With the saved time, you can study the scheduled candidates, meet with hiring managers, and quickly find the best hire for your team. 

Imagine sourcing a list of passive candidates and going from list to booked interviews in less than 30 minutes. That's the power of a candidate engagement platform. 

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