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How to Leverage Text Messaging Services for Business

 How to Leverage Text Messaging Services for Business

When we think “text messaging”, we don’t usually think about text messaging services for business right off the bat. You might be thinking, “oh, texting is an efficient or convenient form of communication”, and this would be true! Text messaging has become an increasingly productive way to communicate with one another, so why not leverage texting in your next business solution? You could be missing out on effective ways of acquiring talent and bettering employee engagement.

With how prominent texting has become in the workplace, you could do a quick Google search and likely stumble upon thousands of different texting apps. You could choose to implement one of these in the workplace, but what about the 23% of Americans that still don’t own a smartphone? By choosing to implement the use of a texting app, you miss out on approximately one-fourth of the population who is unable to download and engage on that app. Instead, why not communicate through good old-fashioned SMS? Every mobile device has SMS capability, and your employees/applicants won’t have to fuss with downloading yet another app they have no intention of using.

Your next thought might be, “Ok, SMS is great and all, but what about the pain of sending out mass texts to a large audience?”. That’s a great question! By utilizing the right employee engagement platform, you won’t need to worry about how you’re going to tackle this daunting task. Stop wasting your time searching for a means of group texting. When using an employee engagement platform, you can send out automated campaigns to as many people as you’d like, all at the same time! It’s as simple as personalizing and scheduling your message within the platform and selecting your recipients. You can leverage this tool in an effort to communicate with candidates, or to promote employee communication by sending out employee alerts, inquiries, etc.

Texting for business is a relatively new development in the workplace, so it can be tricky as to how we must approach texting as a means of communication. With text messages being cost-efficient and time effective, this solution simply cannot be ignored. When used correctly, text messaging can yield great results for your business. So, what do you think? Is it time to update your talent acquisition and employee engagement strategy? If you'd like to learn more about mobile recruiting, download our eBook below!

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