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How to Choose The Right Artificial Intelligence for Recruiting


You have heard their names before, Ari, Mya, and Olivia, but how are today's recruiting assistants really different? 

The truth is evaluating artificial intelligence can be intimidating for even the most technical of all recruiters. For most teams evaluating an AI assistant means hiring for a position that has never been filled and screening candidates without having so much as a job description to work from.


Yes, it can be scary. But there is an approach that can make your decision easier.


It turns out choosing the best AI solution is really not all that different than finding the right candidate. It takes a combination of talent, cultural fit and strong references to make you feel absolutely confident you are adding the right person to your team, and the same can be said for artificial intelligence.


Let’s consider how these qualities can help you choose the best artificial intelligence solution:


1. It Starts With Talent


When evaluating candidates, talent is critical because it provides a window into one's current capabilities as well as growth potential. Artificial intelligence should be evaluated for talent in exactly the same way. As your organization grows you want a solution that can not only handle today’s workload, but grow alongside you to provide support in the future.


Ari is an artificial intelligence solution for recruiters that was built using the best-in-class engine from IBM Watson and the largest dataset of recruiting conversations in the world from TextRecruit.


Why should you care? This means that Ari’s artificial intelligence advancement will continue to grow with Watson, and that it has more data to learn from than any other solution on the market. Simply put, Ari is the smartest recruiting artificial intelligence out there.


Mya and Olivia are alternative solutions that have been built using proprietary artificial intelligence technology and lack any messaging history to learn from. Their solutions may struggle to learn and evolve with your team to meet future needs.




2. Can AI Even Have a Cultural Fit?


Culture is one of those words that gets thrown around a lot, but the way a new team member fits inside your organization matters. Productivity, teamwork and brand are just a few factors directly influenced by the type of people you hire.


Artificial intelligence demands a strong cultural fit as well. When building Ari, our team insisted that it be completely customizable to reflect our customer’s branding, messaging and tone. Name it Elvis or Screech, make it conversational or more to the point - you know which type of Ari will best represent your organization.


And to ensure Ari fits with your team we built it on top of TextRecruit’s platform - meaning it can integrate with over 20+ ATS’s, act as a centralized platform for texting and chat, record all messaging activity, and pass conversations on to human recruiters if it doesn’t know the answer. It's ready to collaborate with your team to make their lives easier, rather than just leaving them in the dark.


Mya and Olivia are standalone solutions with limited ATS integrations and no centralized platform from which you can manage or take control of candidate conversations. This can result in confusion for the candidate if the hiring team and artificial intelligence aren't on the same page.




3. Don't Forget to Check References


So you know your candidate is talented and you can tell that they would fit well with the rest of your team. Some say the reference check is dead, but when it comes to all the promises you will get about artificial intelligence it pays to do some due diligence.


Today, top employers like UPS and VMware trust Ari to ask and answer questions, collect information and introduce qualified candidates to human recruiters. Ari’s stellar track record will inspire confidence and fast adoption within your team.


Mya and Olivia are being used by organizations, but without any real transparency as to their results. Just like a new team member’s first day, the first impression that artificial intelligence leaves on your hiring team and candidates matters.


If you're considering adding artificial intelligence, remember to review talent, cultural fit and strong references when making your decision. Selecting the right artificial intelligence for your team be scary at first. But by taking a step back and sticking to the same process you use to identify the right candidates, you will make the right choice for your team.


Looking for more tips on how to add artificial intelligence to your recruiting? We have compiled a tactics and best practices to bring to your organization. Download the Recruiter's Guide to Chatbots and AI here.


Ready to speak with a specialist? Schedule an artificial intelligence consultation and demo of Ari below:

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