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How To Become A Recruiting Superhero

How To Become A Recruiting Superhero
Now you too can be like Tony Stark. Have you watched any of the Iron Man movies? Isn't Jarvis amazing? In Iron Man, Stark communicates with his machine intelligence Jarvis who assists him with all of his work.

Jarvis handles the mundane for Stark freeing him to spend his time on activities that produce 10X results. Do you want to 10x your HR efforts? We want you to. That's why we're offering you the first ever AI designed specifically for HR. 

We're very excited about this, and I'll tell you why. 

The concept of bringing an AI to market fills me with excitement because AI has the potential to unlock organizational potential. But more on that later.


The Meteor Approaches - What Will You Do? 


Take a moment to consider the problems faced by businesses today. A new generation is entering the workforce. New technologies are changing the way businesses operate. Workers today are calling for more autonomy and accountability-disrupting the traditional hierarchical model for organizational structure.

Therefore, in today's world, human capital is the #1 competitive advantage for every company. The HR industry is rife with problems today, and we all have the opportunity to provide innovative solutions. That said, the fundamental problem facing HR professionals hasn't changed. The question remains the same.

How can we attract and retain the best talent for our company to develop sustained competitive advantage?

There's a secret solution to this question. Think about engagement - the biggest pain point for HR professionals operating at all stages of the hiring funnel. Think about increasing engagement across your entire hiring funnel - what kind of business impact do you think you could generate?

What would happen to your KPI's and metrics if you....

Increase engagement with your job ads?

Increase engagement with your employer branding?

Increase engagement with your candidate communications?

Increase engagement with employee onboarding?

Increase engagement with benefits cycle notifications?

Increase engagement with retention programs?

Culture & Tech - Your Superpowers 


You'll need two things to improve your engagement: culture and technology. The right culture and tech will produce massive changes in your HR organization's performance that will track to tangible improvements in your business's bottom line. As a Human Resources leader, it is your responsibility to define culture. Adopting an engagement-centric mindset produces gains in candidate attraction and employee retention.

Build an engagement focused culture and deliver human capital based competitive advantage to your business. Now, I'll show you what technology you'll need to deploy to increase engagement. The three technologies you need to implement to increase engagement are text, chat, and AI.


How To Improve Engagement Across Your Entire Hiring Funnel With Text Messaging:

Candidate Engagement:

1. Ask candidate screening questions over text message instead of calling them.
2. Text interview reminders instead of emailing them.
3. Send location and time info for in-person meetings day of.
4. Book and schedule phone screens by using TextRecruit with Calendly.

Employee Engagement:

1. Send employees links to benefits enrollments. Many programs give you better packages with 100% optin.
2. Schedule enrollment reminders to make sure employees don't miss deadlines for enrollment.
3. Send new hires a check in text one month after they've started their role to check up on them.
4. Send links for training sign ups and information about other employee retention programs.

I know, some of you are doing all this already. The thing is you're communicating over email. Worker preferences are changing and in a mobile world - communicating via text message is preferred to email. Once you make the switch, you'll find that the effectiveness of your current attraction and retention programs will skyrocket. 

Here are some hard numbers for you - our TextRecruit customers are averaging 99% open rates and 37% response rates across their entire hiring funnel.

What could you do with KPI's like that?

How to Improve Top of Hiring Funnel Engagement with Chat:

When someone makes an effort to visit your careers page, it indicates a high level of interest in joining your organization. Job Chat helps you engage with the job seekers who have a sincere interest in your company.

1. Use Job Chat on your careers page to engage visitors and promote your employer brand. Automate messages to qualify them and determine their employment interests.

2. Use Job Chat on your job postings and answer questions visitors have about your open positions in real time.

How to Your Recruiting AI Chatbot Ari Increases Engagement Across Your Hiring Funnel:

Ari is an AI-powered chatbot that communicates with candidates over text message. We custom build each version of Ari we ship for your particular use case. Ari runs on the latest AI technology from IBM Watson and understands a contextual conversation.

Soon, we estimate that Ari will be able to automate over 75% of your top of funnel workflow. Think about how much time you'll free up to develop your employer brand, build a stronger mobile recruiting presence, and develop your employees.

1. Use Ari to qualify candidates who are already in your hiring funnel. Eliminate resume guesswork and ensure you spend your time only on the candidates that engage with Ari's messaging.

2. Don't spend time chasing candidates to book calls. Use Ari to book your first round of interviews. Spend more of your time on high ROI activities like employer branding and recruitment marketing.

The feature set we've brought to market today is only the beginning. Our hope is to have Ari assist you with your entire recruiting funnel. When machines manage the mundane - you are free to innovate.


The Ultimate Guide To Mobile Recruiting

Yes, I want the guide!


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