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How TextRecruit Integrates With Google Hire

How TextRecruit Integrates With Google Hire

Google's entry into the HR technology market is an additional signal that competition is increasing in the space. With Google's recent product offerings recruiters can expect new ways to source candidates, an easier time finding open positions, and increased traffic from Google Jobs optimized listings. If you haven't been following the hubub here's the latest on everything Google and HR tech. 

This month Google released two products into the HR technology marketplace. Google Jobs makes it easy for candidates to find job listings directly in search. Google Hire provides another ATS option for small and medium sized businesses
Who Is Google Disrupting?
With the release of Google For Jobs two weeks ago and the subsequent release of Google Hire, Google has jumped with both feet into the former realm of job aggregators like Monster and mid market ATS like Greenhouse.
Google Jobs collects listings from job boards all over the internet and displays them directly in search.
How TextRecruit Integrates With Google For Jobs
Some job boards opted out, and do not appear in Google Jobs. These boards will experience reduced traffic to their listings while boards that do appear in Google Jobs will see more traffic. Irrespective of your Google Hire usage, optimizing your job ads for Google Jobs will help you take advantage of the new development. 
Google Hire offers standard applicant tracking, candidate nurturing, and candidate discovery features. Nothing revolutionary, but the candidate discovery feature is worth a look if you are dissatisfied with your current ATS vendor. 
What does Google entering the market signal?
For the HR professional things are on the up and up. More competition among vendors will drive down prices, increase feature sets, and bring new solutions to market. On the user end, you'll finally get the tools and software you've been waiting for.
According to Josh Bersin, Principal at Deloitte "The HR technology market is undergoing one of the most disruptive years it has seen this decade. The HR technology industry is on the precipice of a total reinvention."
A large player like Google entering the HR technology market with a new product validates the space. Consider that HR technology is the hottest area for VC investment currently. It's a market that's been long ignored and was considered a business backwater. But in the last three quarters HR technology has seen 100+ deals with VC firms like NEA, Andreessen Horowitx, and 500 Startups leading the charge.
How TextRecruit Integrates With Google Hire
TextRecruit's chrome extension can be deployed through Google Hire. The plugin enables you to send text messaging through your TextRecruit account while in any ATS, CRM or Website. All messages are tracked through your TextRecruit account and all candidate and response rate data are captured.
TextRecruit is a candidate engagement platform that optimizes your hiring funnel using text, chat, and AI. If you're using Google Hire and would like an in depth demo of the additional capabilities a candidate engagement platform brings to the table click here to book a demo

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