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How Santa Used Text, Chat, and AI to Increase Elf Engagement

How Santa used Text, Chat, and AI to Increase Elf Engagement

It was a dark and solemn winter day at the North Pole. As Santa sat in his office overseeing the empty workshop floor, he let out a big sigh. Turning to his computer, he opened up “NiceList.xls,” scrolling down through the hundreds of names of little boys and girls that wouldn’t be getting presents this year, Santa grew more and more dejected.

“Blast,” he thought, “3% unemployment rates this year sure have made it difficult to find and hire elves to the North Pole this season.” The line to apply to toy making jobs used to go back all the way to the candy cane forest. Santa was stumped. He knew working for the North Pole was a dream job. He even expected it to make the Glassdoor Best Places to Work list.

Christmas was right around the corner. As he looked across the sparse factory floor filled with piles of cotton and unassembled jack-in-the-boxes, Santa thought of all the boys and girls across the country that would be waking up to a toyless Christmas Morning.

A single tear streamed down his face, making its way into his beard, and eventually freezing into a tiny icycle. It was a cold...cold Christmas season in Santa’s workshop this year.

He thought that Christmas spirit was down. Rumor had it that many of the elves ventured into the forest to start new careers baking cookies. The ones that stuck behind reported lower levels of employee engagement. Santa tried everything. He made sure his job postings on LinkedIn looked perfect. His career site was refreshed and perfectly conveyed the North Pole’s attractive health and dental benefits. Still nothing.

This wouldn’t get ol’ Kris Kringle down for long. He put on his thinking cap and began assessing what he could do differently. Santa remembered hearing about TextRecruit, the all-in-one candidate and employee engagement platform that leverages text, live chat, and artificial intelligence.

The logo was green, just like his elves’ uniforms, just like Christmas trees! “Alright, it’s settled,” Santa thought “I’ll give TextRecruit a try. Perhaps they can help me save Christmas this year,”  

Lo and behold, it worked. Elf applications began rising at an exponential rate. Santa found that by using text, he was getting a response rate of 37% with most responses coming in under 30 minutes. Soon, the factory was at full capacity, and Christmas was saved.

Candidate engagement is a crucial issue no matter what industry you are working in. If you want your job posting to stand out and your candidates to have a positive experience, learn from Santa’s "very real" experience. Leverage text messaging, chat, and AI to streamline your hiring funnel.

Merry Textmas and Happy Holidays from the team at TextRecruit.


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