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How Live Chat Makes Your Job Postings More Engaging

Why Your Current Job Ads Aren't Getting You the Applicants You Want

You spent hours writing the perfect job posting. You bugged as many people as you could find to proofread and ensure that it looks like the dream job you’ve always wanted. You truly believed that the moment you posted this dream job the applicants would come flooding in.

So why isn’t it getting the results you anticipated? The job is posted, optimized for mobile, and the description is beautiful. Still, you aren’t getting the applicants you expected. There must be something you missed, right?

Turns out engagement is the key factor that can bridge the gap between your target applicants and your job posting. Communication is a two-way street. If potential applicants feel lost on your website, have any general questions, or need assistance in any regard, they need to feel that there is someone with them assisting them every step of the way. Without this open communication, there is nothing to stop them from moving on to the next job opening and sending your bounce rate through the roof.

This is where JobChat comes in. JobChat is a live chat tool that enables real-time conversation through a live chat window on your job advertisement or career page. It can be used to qualify leads, increase application rates, reduce drop-off, and is easier to install than iOS 11.

JobChat integrates with Ari, TextRecruit’s recruiting AI. Ari allows for expanded reach from the very beginning of the job-search process, and provides an initial vetting process. This means that by the time candidates reach you, not only are there substantially more applicants in your hiring funnel, but they are also applying for roles that better suit their experience and desired role.

A live chat window can save weeks of back-and-forth communication and all the headaches that coincide with stifling through applications, voicemails, and waiting for email responses. Improve your candidate engagement by deploying live chat on your job ads and careers pages. 


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