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How CDW Leverages Text Recruiting

How CDW Leverages Text Recruiting

Is email dead? If so...what's next? Come find out on May 9th at the upcoming  Recruiting Daily Webinar. Leading recruiting organizations are integrating mobile recruiting into their overall candidate messaging mix and seeing incredible results. This is a recruiting webinar you do not want to miss.   

Join Innovative Talent Acquisition Leader Jared Bazzell of CDW on Recruiting Daily as he discusses how CDW adapted their recruiting strategy to the mobile candidate. Bazzell will share how he helped CDW drive 18.4 billion in sales by attracting, engaging, and recruiting the best candidates using innovative mobile recruiting strategies. 


You'll learn: 

How To Strategically Optimize Your Candidate Communications 

Why Your Recruiting Needs To Go Mobile In 2017 

How CDW Leverages Text Recruiting 

The Nuts And Bolts Behind Running CDW's SMS Recruiting Strategy  


The Who's Who: 


 Jared Bazzell How CDW Leverages Text Recruiting


Jared Bazzel, leads entry-level & campus recruiting functions at CDW a Fortune 500 company with multinational capabilities and 8,500 employees. 


William Tincup How CDW Leverages Text Recruiting


William Tincup, President of Recruiting Daily, HR advisor to 17 startups, writer, speaker, and consultant. 


The webinar happens live on May 9th, 2017 at 2 pm EST.


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