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Get More Applicants from Your Careers Site with JobChat

Get More Applicants from Your Careers Site with JobChat

You know you’re getting plenty of traffic to your careers site, the analytics dashboard couldn’t be wrong...could it? But something isn’t right here. Even though your careers site is mobile optimized and easy to use most of your visitors are leaving without completing an application. You’re not sure why this is happening or what you can do about it, but you know that if you could have 3, 5, or even 10 more visitors become applicants each week you’d have a much easier time recruiting.

Now a new tool from TextRecruit, JobChat, has arrived to help you convert more of your career site traffic into applicants. JobChat is a live chat tool that places a live chat window on your careers site. JobChat is easy to install, easy to use, and job seekers and recruiters alike  love the ease of communication it provides.


Live Chat Is Easy to Install and Easy to Use: 


Installing JobChat is easier than ordering pizza from Dominos. When you purchase JobChat we provide you with a few lines of code. Just paste that code into your careers page header section. Well done, you’ve installed JobChat. It really is that easy. If you don’t know what a header section is, or you’re not sure where the code should go, your TextRecruit customer success representative is always just a quick call away.

JobChat is intuitive and easy to use. Once you install JobChat on your careers site, you’ll see incoming JobChat communications in your TextRecruit messages dashboard. JobChat messages will show up alongside all of your text message campaigns so you don’t have to change windows or interrupt your workflow to engage with site visitors. Just send messages directly from TextRecruit.


Live Chat Integrates with AI and Automates Your Engagement: 


Recruiters love the value JobChat provides and it’s not just because its easy to use. JobChat integrates with Ari, TextRecruit’s recruiting AI. Your careers site might get 100’s of visitors each day and it’s not possible for your recruiters to manually begin engagements with every visitor. You can have Ari engage at first to screen job seekers, point them to information, and then bring in a human recruiter once enough engagement has occurred to pique your interest. JobChat’s integration with Ari amplifies a recruiter's ability to engage while saving him time.


Live Chat Improves Candidate Experience: 


Recruiters and job seekers benefit from JobChat. Job seekers have questions they want answered and love the convenience a live chat window provides. 57% of consumers say that live chat is one of the most important things a website can offer. Once JobChat is deployed on your careers page you’ll have improved candidate experience and should see more candidates entering your funnel.


JobChat a Live Chat Tool for Recruiters:



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