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The Story Of The Red Feather And Net Promoter Score

The Story Of The Red Feather
Have you ever heard the story of the red feather? Well it all starts with a conference filled with over 10,000 attendees. 

The Story Of The Red Feather 


There was a young professional there named Michelle... Now Michelle, she was smart, she had spent the weeks ahead of the conference building relationships online with attendees. The question was - how would her group identify each other in person?
Well what they decided to do was place a red feather inside of their conference badges. That way, they could identify each other with ease.
When the day of the conference arrived, they arrived, they met, and networked with so many interesting people. People started to get curious and asked Michelle "What's with the red feather?"
News about the red feather started to spread through the conference like wildfire.
Once everyone learned that the red feather stood for a positive engagement and interaction - everyone wanted to wear one. 10, 20, then hundreds of people came to the conference the next day with the red feather.
Now, what was the message behind this story?

What You Can Learn From The Red Feather 


You want your employer brand to spread through networks like the red feather. To do that you have to communicate and signal that your brand is friendly and approachable. Michelle and her group are employees who've been through your hiring funnel. Your brand is the red feather.
Michelle communicates her positive hiring experience about your red feather to others in her network. Over time and at scale this creates effects that ripple through your talent pool.
So you see, the impacts of a positive or negative hiring experience extend well beyond your hiring funnel.

Why It's Important To Deliver A Positive Experience

Have you heard of a concept called Net Promoter Score?
Net Promoter Score in HR is an index that measures how willing job seekers, applicants, candidates, and new hires are to recommend working at your company to others.
Impacting your Net Promoter Score(NPS) should be a top priority for your organization. It can be difficult to see the impact of your funnel optimization on NPS in job seekers, applicants, and candidates.
Where you can immediately see effects of funnel optimization is in the NPS of your new hires and employees.

Which is great because improving NPS in employees is the fastest way to move the needle.

Employee NPS Is The Biggest Predictor For Hiring: 

A big indicator of the quality of your hiring funnel experience is the answer to the following question -
Are your employees making referrals for open positions you have?
Here's why employee referrals are the biggest predictor for a successful hire. To become an employee someone has had to pass through all of the stages of your hiring funnel. They've experienced how you deliver communications as job seekers, applicants, candidates, and new hires.
If you can deliver an amazing experience across your entire funnel you can turn your employees into employer brand evangelists.
Remember engaged job seekers become engaged applicants who become engaged candidates that become engaged new hires who become engaged employees.
Thank god I didn't have to say that out loud 10 times fast. 

The Benefits of Engaged Employees 

Aligning your employees with your hiring funnel gains you access to their network. (The average employee has between 500-999 LinkedIn connections.)
It might also interest you to know that -
-Employee referrerals have the highest hire to conversion rate accounting for 40% of all hires
-Referral hires tend to keep. They have greater job satisfaction and stay longer at companies
-A majority of recruiters believe that referrals shorten their time to hire and help them cut costs.


Hiring Funnel Optimization Creates Engaged Employees 

Creating employee engagement doesn't start at the new hire level or even the candidate level.
It starts earlier in the funnel.

Creating engaging employees begins with creating engaged job seekers. You can only truly transform your hiring by taking a holistic approach to your hiring funnel optimization.

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