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7,027 Unread Emails in my Account


7,027 – Number of unread emails between my three different email accounts, and I am not the only one.

In Robyn Tippins article, Big Question (Answered): “How Many Unread Emails Are In Your Inbox”, followers responded with either less than 10 unread emails, or thousands. This trend suggests that email recruiting is becoming ineffective and ignored. Initial messages asking if a candidate is interested in a position, are likely being overlooked because they are sandwiched between hundreds of spam messages.

So what next? Mobile messaging. 98% of text messages are opened and read. Therefore, people prioritize their time to read,and subsequently respond, to those messages. SMS messaging is providing a more effective and efficient channel to communicate with prospective candidates. It allows for a recruiter to directly engage with the individual about possible openings. Once there is a confirmation of interest, the text message then becomes a string on the finger for the candidate to keep an eye out for the informational email.

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