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Candidate Experience Is A Start But It's Not Enough

Candidate Experience Is A Start But It's Not Enough

Recruiters, talent acquisition, and HR professionals! Are you optimizing for candidate experience (CX)? That's not enough anymore. Surprised? I don't blame you. After all, every HR and recruiting blog from here to Mars is chiming in on candidate experience.


The CX Problem

Being aware of candidate experience is ok, but there's alot more we can do. If you expand your focus to include more of the candidate journey you'll transform your hiring 

Let's take a look at a typical journey through your hiring funnel. Most HR professionals use the following terms and it's likely you do as well.

  1. Job Seeker = a person who is active in their job search
  2. Applicant = a job seeker who fills out an application to your job
  3. Candidate = an applicant you select for interviews
  4. New Hire = a candidate who accepts your offer and begins onboarding
  5. Employee = a new hire who completes onboarding

We can't focus on only CX at the exclusion of all else. After all someone's only a candidate for 20% of your hiring funnel

So if you've been optimizing for candidates alone - you may have been running with blinders on. That's a great tactic for race horses, but HR professionals?

Not so much.


How To Make Sure Your Hiring Funnel Optimization Doesn't Run You Into A Wall   

Expand your awareness of experience beyond candidate experience. Consider job seeker experience, applicant experience, new hire experience, and employee experience. These are terms we don't use often that lead to conversations we need to have.
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Why Candidate Experience Is No Longer Enough

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