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Two Surprising Countries With The Most SMS And Texting

Two Surprising Countries With The Most SMS And Texting

It may just be typical American fashion for many to believe that the United States would be the biggest user of text messaging. After all, the idea originated in the States and there are constant references to over use of text messaging within the country. However, the United States is not one of the countries with the most SMS and texting usage. The countries that do make the list may surprise you.

The Philippines: A Texting Addicted Country

The country that sends the most text messages is actually the Philippines. The fact that the most texts are sent from this country is surprising to some because of population differences between the Philippines and larger countries such as the United States and India. However, in the Philippines texting is perhaps a more vital and necessary means of communication than in those other countries.

According to theatlantic.com, texting is so prevalent in the Philippines that it has actually been used as a means of organizing public demonstrations.

In 2001, citizens forwarded instructions by SMS to meet in protest, and the Filipino President Joseph Estrada was overthrown in what he later called a "coup de text." Today, the Philippines is often called "the texting capital of the world."

This kind of organizing might be done via social media or other electronic means in other countries, but in the Philippines texting is the preferred medium.

Indonesia: An Island Country With A Texting Habit

The population of Indonesia comes in at fourth in the world trailing only the United States, China, and India. Therefore, it may not be as surprising that Indonesia sends a lot of text messages. However, the extent to which the country is hooked on text messaging is indeed startling. As a matter of fact, there have even been reports of at least one man who tried to divorce his wife via a text message.

Given that Indonesia is an island nation whose population is spread out well among the various islands in the South Pacific, texting as a means of reaching out is prevalent. It can be a lot more difficult to travel to see friends and family in this country than it is in a place like the United States. Thus text messaging has taken on a greater meaning in Indonesia, and it has shown no signs of abating anytime soon.


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