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Texting is now part of the job market?

Yes, it is true. With TextRecruit, possible employers no longer have to play phone-tag with possible employees to set up an interview. This is to take advantage of the fact that most adults have cell phones, and a good percentage of those have smartphones. An article on the Entrepreneur website states five main reasons why the TextRecruit program is so beneficial to this new technological era.

New TextRecruit Article TextRecruit has partnered with Beyond.com to streamline the hiring process.

In fact, recently, TextRecruit was reported to have joined with Beyond.com. According to the article on Recruiter, TextRecruit is now partnering with Beyond.com, allowing users of Beyond.com to opt in to texts allowing them to keep updated on their job applications, as well as setting up interviews with possible employers. The article also stated that, while email correspondence usually only has a response rate of about eight percent, text responses are around 30 percent, more than three times the response rate. It goes on to state that it is simpler to answer a single text message than to go searching through a full inbox looking for one specific email.

Another article, this one for Recruiting Tools, states that TextRecruit has entered a partnership with a company known as iCIMS. iCIMS is an applicant tracking system that allows employers to post job listings to a variety of sites, as well as keeping all of an applicant's information in one organized location at the employer's fingertips. With the addition of TextRecruit to the iCIMS program, employers are now able to contact candidates via text messages. This article states the importance of text messaging, saying, "With over 90% of text messages read within 3 minutes of being sent, and 86% of job seekers reporting using mobile technologies in their job search, you can see how this capability can be very useful for staffing."

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