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Recruiters View Mobile Trends To Learn Texting Etiquette

Most can remember back to a time when they were herded into a school gym at some point for a job fair. Such fairs still exist and are still helpful to some people, but they are in fact changing. No longer does a recruiter offer some basic information and hand over a business card to a potential interested applicant. Now, he or she often asks for that person's mobile phone number.

mobile trends The last thing you want is for a candidate to be irritated by your texts.

Recruiters Go Mobile

A big part of the reason why recruiters want phone numbers is that they are watching the mobile trends, particularly among young people. The millennials that are just now entering the workforce are using their cell phones more and more to accomplish everyday tasks. This often includes looking for a job.

The blog at textmarks.com has this stunning statistic about how quickly text message recruiting has caught on,

A recent survey conducted by Software Adviceshows as many as 60% are already using text messaging to communicate to job candidates as part of their hiring process.

This means that those not using text messaging as a means of recruitment are actually left out of the benefits of it.

When Recruiters Message Interested Parties

Part of the learning curve for many recruiters is learning when to text an interested party. Believe it or not, there are actual common practice rules to go by when trying to reach out to an interest candidate. Often, the person you are attempting to reach does not want to be bothered too early in the morning or too late at night.

Studies have shown that texting before eight am is a bad idea, and texting after eight pm is also unproductive. The sweet spot is during the late morning or early afternoon hours. This is the time when one is most likely to receive a positive response.

Don't Be An Irritant 

Recruiters must also learn to contain their enthusiasm to some extent. While it is a good thing to show a client that you have an interest in hiring them for a job, being too eager is irritating. It is a strange and different world we live in when recruiters are the ones who have to not irritate, but that is the reality.

Texting a client sparingly and at the right times is the best approach. You do not want to constantly set their phone abuzz with messages.

Contact us for more information on texting etiquette as it relates to job recruitment.

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