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Mobile Trends Impacting Business Outcomes

Smartphone owners know the feeling of attachment to those phones. Even a day without the phone is something that many do not want to experience. As such, many business owners look at mobile trends to learn how to better recruit employees.

Mobile Gains Respectability, Loses Stigma

Do not buy into the theory that contacting people via text message is unprofessional. This stigma landed in the dustbin of history as cell phone ownership rates hit all time highs. This type of contact is now consider convenient and a lot easier to respond to than e-mail or another other type of contact.

Those looking for work can easily respond to a text message containing information about job opportunities. Even if the information is not of use to them at the moment, at least they know about those opportunities in the future.

Geographic Location Gains Importance

Phones contain technology in them known as Global Position Systems or GPS. This matters because if the phone owner permits it, this information may be used by companies to determine their location. One might choose to do this to allow employers in their geographic area contact them and let them know about job opportunities available to them.

Recruiting Around Special Events

Some are looking for brief and temporary work. Those individuals may appreciate the text recruiting as it allows more flexibility. Special events come up sometimes throughout the year at various places. Text recruiting makes it easier for businesses to find those who need that temporary work. Expect more companies to use special events as a reason to try out text recruiting this year.

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