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Mobile Device Usage - The Future is Now

Since 2010, Internet industry experts have been projecting when mobile device usage would overtake desktop usage. Four years after the discussion began, mobile usage finally overtook desktop with Google reporting during July 2014 that mobile searches had surpassed desktop searches.

mobile device usage Mobile device usage has officially surpassed desktop usage.

This paradigm shift in search behavior was attributed to the fact that mobile phones have become a ubiquitous part of users lives. Even when at home or work with access to computers, users choose to conduct services from their handheld devices. This behavioral change has led to the growth of web-based advertising and outreach tactics beyond web searches. In addition to reaching users via search, companies now also have opportunities to reach users through mobile ads, SMS text messaging and email, which is also frequently accessed via mobile as well.

If this does not convince you that now is the time to consider adding a more robust mobile-based approach to your recruiting outreach, consider a few vital mobile stats from an October 2014 Pew Research mobile study:

  • 90% of Americans own a mobile phone
  • 64% of Americans now own smartphones with similar functionality to desktop computers
  •  76% of smartphone users are "smartphone-dependent" and use the phone exclusively for Internet access
  • 67% of mobile phone users check their phones for messages, alerts and calls even when it does not ring or vibrate

This mobile phone dependency is not limited to leisure activity. In February 2014, LinkedIn, a professional social media site that grew its user base via desktop usage, reported that 41% of its audience now accesses the site via a mobile device. Based on the rate of growth in February, the company projected that by 2015, it would be a majority mobile site.

Given the propensity of mobile device owners to use their phones for both business and pleasure, it is time for recruiting outreach approaches to align with where their target audiences are located. At TextRecruit, we specialize in providing text-based recruiting solutions that help you capture the best candidates for your company.

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