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Mobile Device Usage Provides Superior Access To Talent

Mobilegeddon is upon us, and businesses today need to prioritize mobile access to all their goods and services to gain or maintain industry mastery. Texting is increasingly significant in terms of consumer access. As many as 44% of cell phone owners sleep with their devices beside the bed, to avoid missing any digital contact, and 67% check for messages even without the phone ringing or vibrating. A 2011 study indicated that 90% of text messages are read within 3 minutes of delivery. The increasingly heated talent-search battle demonstrates the escalating use of digital tools to access highly qualified prospective employees. For businesses that value the swiftest connection to any emerging human resource asset, the use of texting appears to be the way to go.

The immediacy of texting makes it a perfect tool for connecting with prospective employees. The international capacity to attract quality HR candidates places immense stress on recruiting teams,

mobile device usage Ninety percent of text messages are opened within three minutes, meaning HR can get in touch with candidates at lightning speed.

charged with finding and landing the best quality employees. Tracking the qualifications and responsive data of numerous recruits at the same time requires careful attention. Speedy review and hiring processes save the company time and money. These typical HR functions can be managed easily using automated texting programs, with documentation and records management incorporated into the real-time processes.

Texting as a business tool is not without concern, however. The biggest challenge is data security at both ends of the transmission. Companies receiving data must protect it from access by outsiders and use it within the appropriate corporate parameters. Proprietary corporate information must also be protected when it arrives on the receiving device. Thirty-one percent of responders to a device-security survey admitted losing data from their device because of misuse. Finding an HR-specific texting application that ensures protection of privacy and confidential information on both ends is imperative.

The exponential growth in mobile device usage requires business owners to access mobile-based solutions to corporate quandaries. Texting remains one of the most popular digital communication tools. Utilizing an automated texting program offers a comprehensive and speedy hiring tool, so every company can recruit, screen and hire exceptional staff members quickly and safely.

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