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Is There Value In Following Mobile Trends?

Some trends are known to come and go quite quickly while others hang around for a while. What is one supposed to do when it comes to mobile trends? Many experts will tell you that it depends on the metric that one is examining. If one looks at the latest popular apps and tries to judge their lasting power, they are probably viewing a passing fad. However, if one views the overall trend of phone ownership, it is more likely a powerful measure to examine.

Increased Smartphone Ownership Provides Opportunities 

Pew Research has polled people for years to determine phone ownership rates. They first started measuring smartphone ownership in May of 2011 and discovered that smartphone ownership sat at 35% of American adults.  Now, the latest numbers from January of 2014 show that 58% of American adults now own a smartphone.

This move is enormous and is emblematic of a lasting trend. People want to have a smartphone, and they feel like they are left out if they do not have one. It means that marketing efforts directed at smartphones need to start rolling out in full force.

Young And Well Educated

Younger people have embraced smartphone technology with greater gusto. What is not as often recognized is the fact that those with higher levels of education tend to be the ones who have smartphones as well. This makes logical sense. Those who have more education are more likely to have better paying jobs and thus more access to smartphone technologies.

Creating marketing strategies centered around younger and well-educated people is a smart move for most companies. Examining this group and determining what matters to them is the first step to take. It is valuable to follow mobile trends that really matter. They can produce profitable insights such as this.

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