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Is Text Recruiting Part Of Your HR Technology Recruiting Efforts?

Have you ever received a text message from someone and wondered why the person sent you a text message instead of calling you?

Well, you should probably no longer think this way because a large percentage of people would tell you they would rather send and receive text messages than a phone call. The more traditional methods of communication, such as a phone call or an e-mail are no longer the preferred communication choices, especially for teens and many adults.

Many human resource departments are uncertain about what changes or additions need to be made in their recruiting efforts. Many businesses are afraid to use HR technology as a recruiting strategy.

The ability to adopt text messages and other messaging services as a communication method for job candidates is likely escaping a majority of businesses except for the ones that are progressive.

There is plenty of evidence that proves how effective and productive texting can be. Usually, if someone receives a text message, he or she will read it and respond to it in a matter of a few minutes. For many businesses, there is a notion that the only appropriate method of communication is anything other than texting. Many companies see texting as being an inappropriate form of communication, especially when it relates to the workplace.

Many people send out more text messages than they actually get in return and respond to the text messages in less than a minute because of the quick typing. Many of the people entering the workforce now have grown up with phones, text messaging and messaging apps.

Texting is seen as an appropriate form of communication, except for a few topics, such as a tragic accident or the death of a friend/loved one. People enjoy sending and receiving text messages to their family members and friends, and if many other businesses will get into the mix, they will also enjoy receiving text messages from potential employers.

Your business should no longer think the only form of communication to attract potential employees is through e-mails and phone calls. If you really want to catch the attention of future job candidate, you should consider using text messaging because you know they will actually read and respond.

You will no longer have to play phone tag or hope the job candidate will respond to your e-mail. If you use a text messaging service, you will be sure to receive a reply. When you want to text information about interviews, job fairs, or reminders, you will not have to wonder if the candidates will receive your messages.

Are you ready to embrace texting as other businesses have done? If so, contact us today for additional information.

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