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HR Technology Trends in 2015

HR Technology is changing quicker than ever to support individual employees rather than workflow processes in an organization. In 2015, human resources technology focuses on giving

HR technology HR departments are increasingly using social tools to enhance employee engagement.

individuals tools and strategies to become a more informed, skilled, and efficient employee.

The first trend in human resources technology this year revolves around employee information. As company review Web sites such as www.glassdoor.com increase in prevalence, employees are increasingly seeking transparency at their job. It is easier for workers to express dissatisfaction or pay grade information on company review channels. However, embracing this social consumer technology is making a shift to a positive angle for human resources departments to learn how to better engage and have happier employees  based on the data provided.

Engaged employees are happy employees. This may not be true 100 percent of the time, but it does ring true for the majority of workers. Technology to monitor engagement levels and to find solutions for disengaged employees continues to have a large push in human resources technology.

Replacing traditional employee engagement surveys is interactive, social engagement reporting technology that reports more accurate results of every participant. The next phase of the engagement analysis includes integration with peer-to-peer recognition tools. These tools allow great employees to be recognized for their efforts despite workplace factors out of their control such as a bad boss. Moreover, peer-to-peer recognition allows employees to feel valued, increase innovation by collaborating with colleagues across business units, and stay true to the organizational goals and objectives.

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