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HR Technology: The Advent of Text Recruiting

These days, many HR departments are recognizing that they need to use the most recent technologies to enhance their recruiting efforts, and texting is certainly a valuable HR technology.

Text recruiting cannot only speed up the entire hiring process, you can use it to make the hiring experience better for both you and the potential employee. Below are just some of the benefits your firm can get from text recruiting.

HR technology With text recruiting, there's no more phone tag or spam filters to contend with.

Excellent Demographic Outreach

Virtually all potential candidates in the 18 to 40 age group make use of texting in their daily lives. Most of these individuals have their phones on them or near them almost all day. For many of these individuals, texting has become the preferred method for communicating.

Avoid Playing Phone Tag

By using texting, you can avoid playing phone tag with potential employees. More than this, your conversations will be kept short and to the point.

No Messages Going to Spam

Email spam filters can be a major annoyance for hiring managers. But with texting, you don't have to worry that your messages will end up getting blocked.

Have an Actual Record

Avoid any dispute over what was actually said during a hiring conversation by doing it with texting. Texting leaves you with a permanent record of the entire discussion.

Maximize Your Efficiency

Using text recruiting can help you maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your HR department. For instance, you can automatically send out batches of screening questions to weed out those candidates you don't want to consider.

Perfect for Low-Wage Workers

Often, low-wage workers don't own a personal computer and don't have access to one. In fact, some of them don't have a landline in their home. However, many of these same candidates are accessible via mobile phones, meaning text recruiting is perfect for them.

If you would like to know more about text recruiting, please contact us.

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