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Five Retail Recruiting Tips to Find the Best Talent for Your Organization

Successful retail managers everywhere understand that even if you have the best products, services, and prices, none of it will matter if you don't have talented employees to successfully execute it all. These days it's all about the customer experience. Great products and prices can be had online for the most part, but great experiences are best executed in person. Therefore, it makes sense that smart retail recruiting practices are more important than ever. The following is a list of five retail recruiting tips for you to find the best possible talent for your organization:

    1. Let your candidates do the talking - Most experienced interviewers agree that you can learn the most about your job candidate by asking them, "Do you have any questions for me?" This is potentially the best way to learn about their attitude, motivation, and thought processes. Also, if a candidate simply doesn't have any questions, that can be a sign that maybe they're not quite as interested in the job as they said they are.
    2. Crowdsource - Okay, it's not really crowdsourcing but this is such a popular buzzword today it almost seems appropriate anyway. Use multiple trusted current personnel sources for the interview process. Have your candidates interview with the people that they will be interacting with most on the job. Make sure that everyone in the crowd, or interview team, understands how to properly conduct an interview. Then, discuss the results as a group to collectively select the best overall candidate.
    3. Solidify your online reputation - Make sure your online presence is as reputable as possible. Top tier talent usually executes a ton of online research, and will not pursue a career with your company if your website and social media accounts are not up to snuff. Before attempting to acquire the best talent, do an evaluation of your online presence and address whatever needs to be corrected.
    4. Be Real - Make sure you are upfront about the demands of the job with all candidates. If the job really is highly demanding and requires a fast pace, then tell them. But if it's really a calmer atmosphere where more deliberate but carefully thought out action is recommended, then tell them that too. This will make it much less likely that your new hire is surprised by the demands of the job and not the right fit one way or the other.
    5. Ask Around - Your current employees may be the best source for hiring the best new talent. Take the time to ask your best and most trusted employees if they know of anyone who may be interested in your potential job openings.

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