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Facebook Targeting in HR Technology

HR Technology has been evolving to include more interactive and elaborate recruitment techniques. As social media has continued to expand and become a ubiquitous function in life, more human resources departments are incorporating the HR technology into their recruitment strategies. Social media is a great way to connect with job candidates who meet the specific requirements of a job posting.

The most prominent social media network to use for recruitment is Facebook. The social network offers a variety of tools for recruiters to find suitable job candidates. Consider taking out ad space to target candidates in certain geographic locations, age groups, genders, or who are currently employed in specific professional sectors. Videos on a corporate Facebook page allow recruiters to post the most recent information about recruitment and share additional information about a company, such as corporate culture. These posts can increase the number of candidates who view a new job posting and are easily shared by candidates. The more visual a post is on social media, the more likely the content will be viewed and people will be actively engaged on the social media account.

Finally, Facebook has an application developer platform that allows users to create custom apps for use on their page. Using the developer platform, HR technology could include the creation of a resume collecting application similar to this one. If using Facebook to target potential candidates, a resume collecting app on the social media site allows applicants to view a job advertisement and submit a CV in one place.

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