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3 Advantages Texting Has Over Other Recruitment Mediums

retail recruiting Texting is an agile method of recruiting that also has the advantage of being versatile.

Texting has become a very widespread method of communication within the last decade and it shows no signs of slowing down. Numerous devices and apps make texting accessible to nearly anyone with a desire to send a message. With everything being so tightly connected, many forms of Retail Recruiting have been more or less made obsolete. Here are 3 advantages that texting has over other forms of recruitment.

  • Texting appeals to a wider demographic. Just about everyone is texting these days, and it's no secret that there's been a significant spike in mobile trends in the last decade. Appealing to a wider demographic means more chances for retail recruiters and other potential employers.
  • When compared to email, social media, and traditional advertising, texting is just quicker overall. It takes less than a few seconds to open up a text message on your phone. Other methods require logging in, waiting for an advertisement to get to the point, and overall waiting a few more seconds than one should. In today's fast paced world, every second counts.
  • Lastly, texting has the advantage of being very versatile. There aren't too many phones that have trouble transmitting basic text messages, even among some of the lower end models. However, some non smart phones have trouble utilizing a web browser, running advertisements, and aren't exactly equipped to deal with some of the more complicated recruitment methods. In the case of text message based recruitment, simplicity is king.

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