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Be the Best Recruiter You Can Be with Ari

Be the Best Recruiter You Can Be with Ari

Give yourself a break. You work hard- really hard. Being a recruiter in today’s job market is no easy task. You want to screen as many candidates as possible to find the ideal match to bring to your company. It takes time and resources to do this sufficiently. Moving quickly is also essential to prevent the competition from beating you to your perfect candidate. How can you do your job well when you’re stuck in this paradox of needing to adequately screen your applicants but still move as quickly as possible? Enter Ari, TextRecruit’s customizable recruiting chatbot that leverages artificial intelligence to enhance your applicant tracking system and give you that competitive edge.

Don’t worry, Ari is not here to replace you. Instead, it is here to act as your personal assistant, here to take over the early stage communication aspect of recruiting that is repetitive and time-consuming. Ari provides an initial vetting process with two-way messaging to categorize candidates into the jobs that best suit their goals and previous experience. From this point, you can use your recruiting expertise to get to know the more-specified pool of candidates on a personal level and build the dream team from there. Ari can give you that just-right balance between speed and thoroughness that you’ve been looking for. Your workflow and life will be much simpler.

The perfect team is out there. You just need the resources to find them the right home within your company. Utilizing Ari could be the difference maker you need to make you the super recruiter you always knew you could be.


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