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Taking Advantage of Mobile Device Usage Growth for Recruiting

By Erik February 26, 2015

Changes in how people access the internet and communicate affect a wide swath of business efforts. ..

Retail Recruiting: Will Stores Use Text Messaging To Reach New Workers?

By Erik February 24, 2015

Retail jobs are often known to pay the federal minimum wage or close to it. These are jobs designed..

Surge Pay and HR Technology?

By Erik February 22, 2015

HR Technology has long been seen as a means to increase a business's profits by decreasing human..

HR Technology Trends: Don't Get Left Behind

By Erik February 19, 2015

Many of the baby boomers are beginning to retire from their careers, and as they retire, the..

The Increase Of Mobile Device Usage Can Be Used To Bring In New Talent

By Erik February 17, 2015

Mobile device usage continues to grow at an outstanding rate. Apart from spending hours playing the..

The Mobile Trends Of 2015 That Are Already Taking Hold

By Erik February 15, 2015

The New Year is definitely in full swing now. As a matter of fact, we have progressed pretty well..

Mobile Device Usage: The Trends That Will Impact Marketing In 2015

By Erik February 12, 2015

Mobile marketing has gained steam in terms of its importance to the business world. As mobile..

Is There Value In Following Mobile Trends?

By Erik February 10, 2015

Some trends are known to come and go quite quickly while others hang around for a while. What is..

Five Retail Recruiting Tips to Find the Best Talent for Your Organization

By Erik February 8, 2015

Successful retail managers everywhere understand that even if you have the best products, services,..

Do Mobile Trends Favor Business Texting Communication?

By Erik February 5, 2015

Businesses have been eyeing the opportunity for years. They want to become involved in the text..

Mobile Trends that have Influenced the Past and Present of Phone Technology

By Erik February 3, 2015

The mobile phone was big and bulky during its inception. As mobile trends and society progressed,..

HR Technology: Text Messaging Is Human Resource's Latest Weapon

By Erik February 1, 2015

The HR departments of companies both large and small are currently undergoing a makeover. New..

Mobile Device Usage Has Moved Away From Blackberry Dramatically

By Erik January 29, 2015

The demand for Blackberry products has been a great example of a crash and burn type story as far..

Text Message Retail Recruiting: A Possible Lifeline To Brick And Mortar Retail

By Erik January 27, 2015

Nothing scares brick and mortar retail stores more than the rising influence of e-commerce. Though..

The Mobile Trends That Will Dominate This Year

By Erik January 25, 2015

There are already some projections as to what mobile trends we are likely to see this year. These..

Mobile Trends: Ditching Apps In A Short Period Of Time

By Erik January 22, 2015

Smartphones have provided numerous conveniences to our modern lives. In some cases, those..

The Benefits And Drawbacks Of Text Message Retail Recruiting

By Erik January 20, 2015

Retail stores have the unique predicament of extremely high turnover rates. This means that they..

Mobile Device Usage: Facts To Consider For Marketing Experts

By Erik January 18, 2015

There are many things to examine about mobile device usage. The more facts that one knows about..

Could Retail Recruiting Start Invading Your Phone?

By Erik January 15, 2015

Setting dinner plans, talking about your day with friends, and now retail recruiting? These are a..

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