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Talent Acquisition Technology Ecosystem Q1 2015 - Talent Tech Labs Quarterly Publication

By Erik June 29, 2015

When TextRecruit started out developing text recruiting solutions, we had many different use..

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Mobile Device Usage: More Job Seekers Are Turning To Mobile

By Erik June 22, 2015

As you well know the smartphone is ubiquitous these days. Everyone has one and no one wants to be..

Recruiters View Mobile Trends To Learn Texting Etiquette

By Erik June 18, 2015

Most can remember back to a time when they were herded into a school gym at some point for a job..

Target Changes Retail Recruiting To A 160 Character Discussion

By Erik June 16, 2015

Target is one of the largest employers in the United States and around the world. Their own ..

Mobile Devise Usage: When And How To Reach Potential Candidates

By Erik June 11, 2015
For mobile campaigns, the best candidates are in the 26 to 35 age range. This group is the..

TextRecruit Defining the Mobile Recruitment Platform

By Erik June 9, 2015
Job seekers under 45 consider texting as a professional method of getting in touch about new..

A Not So Secret Weapon In Retail Recruiting

By Erik June 4, 2015

Welcome to the age of the Millennial. A time in which more than 1.8 billion people are actively..

Mobile Device Usage: Why Is There So Much Hype About Mobile Recruitment?

By Erik June 2, 2015

Mobile device usage is certainly on the rise, and it is growing at an intense rate all over the..

3 Advantages Texting Has Over Other Recruitment Mediums

By Erik May 28, 2015
Texting is an agile method of recruiting that also has the advantage of being versatile.

HR Technology: Developing a Mobile Trend

By Erik May 25, 2015

In years gone by, applying for a new job was a bit of a process. After applicants would fill out..

Leveraging mobile trends for recruiters

By Erik May 21, 2015

Mobile communications via text messaging are more effective at response rates. Computer..

New TextRecruit Article: Why Texting is the Recruiting Method of the Future

By Erik May 19, 2015
TextRecruit's partnership with Beyond.com reflects how today's candidates communicate.

Retail Recruiting: Finding Talent Through Text Messages

By Erik May 14, 2015
There are many job seekers who use their mobile devices for jobs and who prefer to be..

Mobile Device Usage Provides Superior Access To Talent

By Erik May 7, 2015

Mobilegeddon is upon us, and businesses today need to prioritize mobile access to all their..

Recruiters have 40,000 Trucking Jobs to Fill

By Erik May 5, 2015

Life in America would come to a standstill if truck drivers weren't behind the wheel of their..

Texting is now part of the job market?

By Erik April 30, 2015

Yes, it is true. With TextRecruit, possible employers no longer have to play phone-tag with..

Mobile Device Usage: Lock It Down Before It's Missing

By Erik April 28, 2015

You rely on your mobile device to recruit candidates, manage information, and keep in touch with..

Mobile Device Usage - The Future is Now

By Erik April 23, 2015

Since 2010, Internet industry experts have been projecting when mobile device usage would..

HR Technology Trends in 2015

By Erik April 21, 2015

HR Technology is changing quicker than ever to support individual employees rather than workflow..

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